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Tolucan Times: Prohealth Advanced Imaging Offers Patients Unparalleled State of the Art Care

For the past four years, Prohealth Advance Imaging, a facility owned and operated by dedicated radiologists, has been equipped with modern imaging offering patients nothing less than the best when it comes to state of the art diagnostic procedures. Staffed by a team of multi-specialized expert radiologists and technicians led by board certified radiologist Dr. Robert Shayestehfar, M.D. every patient receives in-depth attention and quality service in a timely fashion from beginning to end. “We strive for as much personal care as possible,” states Dr. Shayestehfar, “from the front office schedulers to the technicians…we really cater to patients’ needs.” Shayestehfar, who has published extensively in his sub-specialty field of musculoskeletal and breast imaging, strives to make each and every patient that enters Prohealth feel comfortable, and his team have done a fantastic job of not only making patients feel comfortable during procedures, due in part to a welcoming interior far removed from un-pleasantries notably associated with medical facilities. While average appointment durations vary among procedures most range from thirty to sixty minutes including the time it takes to complete paperwork and check out.